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Thread: Kontakt Chemie Photopositiv: board coting & dust
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Thank you all who have answered,

 While it is true that it is better to but ready boards, this was a one
off, very small and on a board that needs so much machining that it is not
possible to do it with a precoated board.

 I have read about the surface charges in a semiconductor manufacturing
technology book. There is something about the solvent being polar or the
work of the solvent leaving the coating inducing charge just like the
spraying through the nozzle.

 What pisses me off is that I have used a REALLY clean box, that must
have had about 4 dust particles of eye-visible size in it when I closed it
with the board inside, and all 4 were on the board when I opened it a day
or so later.  Duh.



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Subject (change) Kontakt Chemie Photopositiv: board coting & dust

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