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Thread: CMOS video camera modules
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On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, Lawrence Lile wrote:

> What kind of infrared performance do they have?  Most of these CCD
> cameras can see a ways into infrared, I've got a night vision app
> that might work real well.

Probably lousy. 1 lux is not exactly top class nowadays. You also need a
better lens than standard.

> I'd like to shove this signal into a standard US VCR but know nothing
> about formats for these signals.  What is EIA and CCIR?

EIA is what you want for NTSC (even B/W). CCIR covers PAL and SECAM (also
including B/W).

The key for you is '1 V standard video output'. This is what a VCR will
take at its standard input.



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