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Thread: shift registers
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On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, Chip Weller wrote:

> Also the HCT part has the same output structure as the HC part. I prefer
> the HC parts when interfacing to most devices (execpt old 74LSxx parts
> which output TTL signals) since they provide a greater noise margin.

Well, I prefer the slow original CMOS parts unless I have reasons not to.
Not only are they very quiet RFI-wise, but the low response speed makes
glitches and other nasty issues disappear. There is no real reason to use
something fast in a LED/LCD driver that updates once every 20 msec or so,
unless you're trying to make concurrence to some local broadcast station
of course. Also, the low power requirements and the impossibility to make
them draw a lot of current are very very good for 'oopses'. In fact, I've
seen no failed CMOSs in any of the stuff I work with.



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