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Thread: shift registers
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On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, Dwayne Reid wrote:

> I stand corrected!
> >It is possible to add a flip flop to the cascade output, which is the
> >one stage of the shift register that is available prior to the latch.
> Yep - you can.  I was wrong.  For some reason, I was thinking that the '4094
> Qs' output was 1/2 bit early rather than late.  This, of course, is
> preposterous.

Look up the 4094 data sheet and internal block diagram. It has way more
than just an extra flipflop: you can use an inverter and/or the fact that
there is a 'one gate' difference between Qs and Qs'.

The 4094 is a cunning little part ;) I wish there was something like a
4021 with an interrupt-on-change open drain output though (wishful



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