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Thread: shift registers
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On Sun, 1 Nov 1998, Ian Chapman wrote:

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The 4094 is so old, I can't find a data book without it, and I've some
from 1980 or so. The CMOS devices came out just after the 1st TTLs if I'm
not wrong. Or even before. Old & good ;)

> I'll be using the 4094 in future designs, unless I need an asynchronous
> reset capability.  It's cheaper than the '595 and it's also available as
> an HCT part (i.e. greater output drive if required).  It also looks as if
> the same PIC software can drive both parts interchangeably.

Well, if you don't care about non-tristate outputs anyway, use the LS/HCT
273 which is edge triggered and has an async reset. It has almost the same
problems as the 595 but the edge trigger removes most of it (the trigger
is faster than the Tpd) - but check !! this is from memory.



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