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Thread: 12C509-JW How long to erase?
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On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, James Cameron wrote:

> Anyone know where the specification from Microchip is for this?


> The unit I have on loan is an 8W 253.7nm 6.4mW/cm2 "Ango", with a draw
> just big enough to require 12C509-JW's to be dismounted from the machine
> pin sockets I'd like to keep them in.  ;-}

If you halve the distance the power grows fourfold (inverse square law).
Your distance is smaller than mine was (since the machined socket must be
removed - guess why I choose 12 mm above DIL chip?). Erasure power should
be written somewhere in the specs. Used to be with EPROMs.

> My first go was five minutes, and it seemed blank afterwards.  I even
> remembered to record the OSCCAL value.

See how long it takes by checking every minute and do it thereafter for
twice or thrice as long.



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