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Thread: Serial LCD Interace using 16F84
face BY : Gabriel Gonzalez email (remove spam text)

A few days ago I offered among others a FREE Serial LCD Interfase board. I
still have a few left.

It is the bare board, and is designed for a 16C61, but I believe it is
compatible with the 'X84.

I cannot provide the code for the PIC, but I can provide a programmed one.
But anyway it is relatively easy to program using code snippets from the
list or using code available in some of the PIC books available.

This board was designed for LCDs with 1x14 pin header interfase.

Gabriel Gonz‡lez
TGO Electr—nica

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/lcd/pic.htm?key=lcd
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