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Thread: shift registers
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On Sun, 1 Nov 1998, Ian Chapman wrote:

> Peter L. Peres <.....plpspam_OUTspamACTCOM.CO.IL> replied:
> >But you surely have room for a RC, if needed, as a PCB mod for 2 SMT parts
> >(been there ;(. 220 ohms + 47 pF should get you there in this case. And
> >next time use 4094s which have what you are looking for, and high
> >efficiency displays that make enough light with 1.6 mA / segment ;)
> Yes, this should be possible.  I assume you are suggesting an RC network
> on the serial input of the second (cascaded) shift register to lengthen
> the hold time for the cascaded serial data.

Yes. The SMT parts are required if the board is already manufactured. A
trace can be cut and the parts pasted from the back. In my case it was not
my design, I just invented a method to patch a stack of botched boards ;)



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