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Thread: Audio Tachometer
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>   Is this the same project? Are you looking for a commercial product? If

No, I'm looking for two things that are related to one another.

1)  I want an audio-input tach.  I need to hear what speed the motor is
turning at in my boats while they're on the water.  I know I'll probably
see harmonics and secondary tones, but Scott Dattalo can probably help with
filtering those out.

2)  I need a stroboscope for balancing the props (and driveshafts) at rpm.
The strobe is something I've never played with, but with the LED's
mentioned I think I got some good ideas.  The strobe may be activated
either by a pot to set frequency or by synching to the rotating prop with
an IR sensor to watch the blades go past.

>to do this cheaply, but you already know how to do this with your expertise

The audio part of the tach is the hard part for me.  I'm too digital.

The LEDs were good pointers - now I have something to play with.



Andy Kunz - Statistical Research, Inc. - Westfield, New Jersey USA

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