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Thread: Distance Meter implemented with a PIC?
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At 22:21 26/10/98 +0800, Starfire Zhu wrote:
>Hi, PIClisters,
>Does anyone ever have an idea to make a distance meter with a PIC? This
>meter is surposed to be used in cars to measure the distance in front
>of  it, so as to avoid accident crach with barriers! In my imagination,
>I may use infra-red light to do this, the distance may be determined by
>calculating the time between transmitting and receiving the light pulse.
>Anyone has more concrete conception?

Gee, I wonder if the speed of light may be a problem ! <VBG>
That may require a _really_ fast PIC.
Hey, maybe we could use one of Mr Starfire Zhu's PIC copies ?
I wonder if he will make them in red plastic to make them go faster than
Microchip's !

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