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Thread: Mr. Zhu was:Good news: compatible microchip's products ...
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That's right, now, isn't it?  He offered reverse engineering services.  It
is coming back to me now.  And that short thread left respondants in two
camps.  Those that opposed, and those that approved based upon reverse
engineering's 'nobler' applications.  The third camp, those that admit
they just want to copy outright, never spoke up.  So it seems that Mr.
Zhu's company apparently used their abilities to simply duplicate the chip
from a functional standpoint by directly inspecting the part.

Let's see if we can follow the logic here.  Company A spends large sums of
money and precious time developing a product that fits the market very
nicely.  Their efforts are rewarded by very well deserved financial
reward.  Company B never had a clue about the ins and outs of the market,
and has no desire to spend nearly what company A spent.  So they decide to
put the special product into the copy machine and voila! They have the
same product that company A worked thair ass off to develop.  Ah, what the
hell.  Company A has more market and money than they deserve, so screw 'em
if they don't like it.

Does camp two want to step up to the plate now, or are you darting for

Christoph Klein wrote:

> Interesting gentleman, this Mr. Zhu ...
> Remember?

<36352E5E.78911120@nb.net> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devices.htm?key=microchip
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Subject (change) Mr. Zhu was:Good news: compatible microchip's products ...

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