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Thread: Crystal Tutorial
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Mike Keitz posted a PIC-PLL that varied the pic's oscillation frequency
based on this principle (i.e. using the variable capacitance of a reverse
biased diode in a tuned circuit to change the resonant frequency). If
you're striving for oscillator accuracy it might be more desirable to use
this phase locking technique along with another closed-loop highly
accurate analog system.

Hmm... for people in North America, how about a 10.00Mhz radio
receiver?  The WWV broadcasts are amplitude modulated on a
*VERY* accurate 10MHz carrier.  Provided you're not too close
to some other source of 10MHz'ish noise, this should give you
a good 10MHz reference frequency (if you use an analog PLL to
fill any brief gaps caused by nearby random EMI, it should be
accurate to within a part per trillion or so.

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