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Thread: MICROCHIP Support!
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Fellow PIC Listers,
As many people will say "MICROCHIP lacks customer satisfaction!!" I personally d
isagree! Today I received a M-CHIP shirt that is great. I requested a copy of th
ere Embedded Control Handbook (mine somehow disappeared!) two weeks ago and not
only received the ECH but I also received the new Third Party Guide (1998) and t
he shirt!!!

Starfire Zhu.....you can TRY to steal other peoples software and copy MCHIPs IC.
...but you'll never beable to compete with M-CHIP!! They have something you ...

                       Steven Kosmerchock


<"ISOPRO-1.61 .063::DH-NO::32D4::36350F85*/G=Steve/S=Kosmerchock/OU=Phoenix/O=Celwave/PRMD=A CAB/ADMD=Telemail/C=US/"@MHS>

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/ios.htm?key=port
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