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Thread: Microchip Web Page annoyance! (Why)
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Mark Willis wrote:
> (Next year I might get time to learn HTML, but more likely I'll be busy
> PIC-ifying an entire factory.  Should pay really well at least!  So
> much to learn, and my brain's already full, though <G>)

Seems like you've got the basics of HTML already, Mark, with that grin
tag. <p>

HTML is really easy to write, because;

<li>    you can do it with a plain text editor,

<li>    you can immediately test it offline by opening up the file with a
       web browser (or two),

<li>    the tags actually mean something, like UL for un-numbered list,
       and LI for list item, P for paragraph, and HR for horizontal

<li>    you can still read the text after you have written it,

<li>    you can add as much spacing as you like and it gets ignored,

<li>    you can have a look at how other people do it and simply

There's heaps more on writing HTML for newbies.  Mostly on the web.

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