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Thread: High temperature sensor
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Mark Willis wrote:
> Anyone ever do temperature sensing in a vat of molten metal?
>   (This'll be a ceramic-lined steel vessel.)
>   I'm thinking the consensus for temperature control and sensing here
> was a nice thermocouple, IIRC, but what about at as high temperatures as
> say 2600 F or thereabouts?  (Thermal remote sensing of the top surface
> might well work here, I need to learn more.)

You might need to move to more exotic metals, but thermocouple would be
the most accurate. Sensing off the top surface would mean knowing the
temp of the top layer of insulative oxides.

They are nice and reliable, and you know if it's working or not, for
You could take a specific mass, held relatively cold, of something that
won't contaminate the brew, and dunk it for a set time. At any given
temp, that would transfer a set amount of heat, so the peak temp would
tell you (albeit indirectly) what the temp of the bath was. Takes more
smarts that way.

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/sensors.htm?key=temperature
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