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Thread: High temperature sensor
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Anyone ever do temperature sensing in a vat of molten metal?

 (This'll be a ceramic-lined steel vessel.)

 I'm thinking the consensus for temperature control and sensing here
was a nice thermocouple, IIRC, but what about at as high temperatures as
say 2600 F or thereabouts?  (Thermal remote sensing of the top surface
might well work here, I need to learn more.)

 I've searched my piclist archives on this machine, no joy, must've
lost that set of messages describing the sensors when I lost a bunch of
mail in August.  I'm open to whatever -works- well & is reliable, exact
+- 1 degree F temperature sensing isn't mandatory, but +-25 degrees F or
so would be nice (I think.)  Lots of thermal mass here <G>

 This'll be a future PIC project (December or January) in a factory
setting, but I want to start getting a clue now in my spare time...
Idea is to warm a batch of metal up (ramping the temperature up nicely
without wasting fuel etc.) and then hold it in controlled temperature
conditions of whatever profile for a set length of time, telling a host
PC what's going on (the PIC's the sensor front end, the PC will handle
announcing "When it's Soup" and so on <G>) and controlling things from
the host PC, probably, for safety.  I still "don't know what I need to
know" on this all.  But I haven't signed an NDA either yet <G>

 Anyone used super high temperature sensors of any kind in this sort of
project?  A commercial sensor would be wonderful, this is a "Need it to
work right forever" type of application (so I may use redundant sensors
& have the PIC tell me when one fails, and plan to replace sensors
periodically.)  May be talking a water-cooled PIC module, with
optoisolated outputs & some severe power de-spiking...  I don't think
any Dallas chips like the DS1287 (?) will work here! <G>

 I probably will just do subcontracting on some of this sort of
package, too, as this hits (It's one of those NDA contracts, but if I
can subcontract everything to get everything done I think they'll be
happy, so long as I end up with PCB data, source code for the PICs, etc.
so I can maintain things for them.  Looks like these folks may actually
launch, finally, after years on my back burner getting things
together...  I won't have time to do it all quickly, myself.  I may have
to do some program re-working as they may want all the gory details kept
to myself, for all I know.  They're a little worried by some past
problems they've had!)

 I'm thinking of just doing all their various code on 17C family chips,
but maybe I'll try to fit everything on 16F84's (so much to learn...)
Thinking about it <G>

 Mark, .....mwillisKILLspamspamspamBeGonenwlink.com

<3634F5CF.4B8198F6@nwlink.com> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/sensors.htm?key=temperature
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