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Thread: Crystal Tutorial
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On Mon, 26 Oct 1998, Dave VanHorn wrote:

>  If this is achieved, circuit power
> > consumption will be minimized, and so will EMI emissions
> > (since the two caps will be trying to feed roughly equal
> > and opposite currents through their ground returns).
> That's an interesting note indeed. I'm sure that the phase will be 180
> out, but I'm not sure the amplitude will be the same, so they may not
> cancel entirely.

The difference will be about the energy injected at Zo into the circuit,
divided by the Q of the crystal, or thereabouts. This is in the 'forget
it' range. Again, the correct way to match a crystal to perfect operating
conditions after the Zo is matched, is gain control in the amplifier using
a closed loop.



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