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Thread: Good news: compatible microchip's products available!!
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Let me add a few more things
I  haven't seen any other company to have excellent support
like Microchip. Microchip replaced my promate2 and picmaster
with no penny charge they ware even out of warranty.
thanks to "Dan Mateu" not sure about spelling
they shipped them to me in  next day air.
I went to other company's simians

1. Atmel
2. Motorola
3. Zilog
4. Tektronix

Atmel :         I am still waiting for samples it passed 6 months. I
reminded them 3 times
Motorola:     I am still waiting for tech engineer to call me back. He
said read books you will
                   find every thing. I know that if I was ready I
wouldn't ask any question I would
                   do consulting instead.
Zilog:           Do not want even to talk about this piece of junk with
new instruction set.
                   we are using Z8 chip more then 5 years we found 1
billion problems I do
                   not even want to see it. support " doesn't exists"
                   if you find one engineer you will get BS
Tektronix:     makes very good tools went to seminar paid 800$  they did
not even put
                   blank paper to write on it . I ask about blank paper
they gave me printed
                   paper to write in the back. Having Coffee for more
then one cup was  big deal.

Andre Abelian

Craig Lee wrote:

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devices.htm?key=microchip
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Subject (change) Good news: compatible microchip's products available!!

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