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Thread: Help for begineer PIC programmer
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Hi to all fellow members,
May I introduce myself as Mr Wong Chok Ming and my address is at 85 prsn bunga raya. Taman On. Ipoh. 31650. Perak. Malaysia. My e-mail No: TakeThisOuTwcmingKILLspamspamtm.net.my  . I am new to this site and PIC programming. I am very interested in learning how to program and run PIC, but so far no luck because I simply could  not find myself a starting point to learn and a source to obtain the necessary tools of trade and the necessary reading material.  After some months of search, I stumble on this site and hopefully get help to start learning PIC programming.  I am a hobbyist and electrician by trade, and it is my fervent hope that someone out here is kind enough to let a helping hand in my this pursuit.
Thanks and Best Regards to all of you.


See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/begin.htm?key=programmer
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