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Thread: AC Signal Control
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Starfire Zhu

The Farnell Electronics catalogue lists a pair of Optically Coupled
Bi-lateral Analogue FET switches.

They are each in a 6 lead DIL package described as:
Optocoupler with symmetrical bi-lateral photo-detector output, designed for
distortion free control of low level AC and DC analogue signals.

H11F1:  Isolation = 2500V, Breakdown = 30V, Ron = 200ohms, Roff = 300Mohms,
Ton/off = 15µsec, price = 2.28 pounds(UK) plus tax.
H11F3:  Isolation = 1500V, Breakdown = 15V, Ron = 470ohms, Roff = 300Mohms,
Ton/off = 15µsec, price = 1.62 pounds(UK) plus tax.

Brian Watson

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