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Thread: Good news: compatible microchip's products available!!
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Hi, Joseph,

Below is a piece of information about these chips. (Please view it in a
text editor like Notebook).
The actual prices are dependent on your ordering quantity, and sure will
make you smile.
(At least 30% off than PIC!!)

Keep contact if I may help you.

Best Reguards!


Compatible 8-bit CMOS Microcontrollers

Model    MDT1005    MDT1010
ROM size   0.5K X 14   1.0K X 14
RAM size   25 bytes   25 bytes
Instruction bits  14 bits    14 bits
Data bus   8 bits    8 bits
Number of instructions  36    26
Operation frequency (Hz) 20M    20M
Operation Voltage (V)  2.3~6.3    2.3~6.3
Instruction Cycle time (ns) 200    200
Special registers  7    7
I/O    17 I/O, 1 input   17 I/O, 1 input
Timer/counter   8 bits    8 bits
Timer prescaler   8 bits    8 bits
Stack levels   2    2
Watchdog function  Enable/Disable   Enable/Disable
OST time   150us,20ms,40ms,80ms  150us,20ms,40ms,80ms
Pull-up resistor  PA,PB,RTCC   PA,PB,RTCC
Sleep current @5V  <12.0uA, WDT Enable  <12.0uA, WDT Enable
   <1.0uA, WDT Disable  <1.0uA, WDT Disable
Power-On reset   Yes    Yes
Power-Edge detector reset Yes    Yes
Packages   18 pins(300mil body);  18 pins(300mil body);

Features as compared with PIC:
1. MDT has a PED (Power Edge Detector) to watch the power supply, it
will start a
RESET when the voltage gets as low as 1.1~1.3V.
2. For Code protection, MDT has 3 choices: Enable, Disable and
Weak-enable. And it
uses SEC(security) to replace CP(code protection). Unlike PIC, If the
chip is
programmed with SEC = Enable, the chip can't reprogrammed as SEC
disabled anymore.
3. MDT Microcontrollers provide 4 OST(Oscillator Setup Time) choices for
applications: 150us,20ms,40ms,80ms. In many cases, this may offer good

Cheney, Joseph wrote:

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> Thanks
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