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Thread: What's the difference between d and f?
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Simple concept. Harder to explain.
Many PIC instructions can two possible destinations which you can
select between for the results of the operation. These are either
0    The W register or
1    The register which sourced the original data.
In such cases the instruction sequence is suffixed either with a 0 if
you want the data to end up in W or with a 1 if you want the data to
end up back in the register you started out with.
An example will (hopefully) make this clearer.

   movlw        5                    Place a 5 in W
   MOVWF    counter        Move the 5 into "COUNTER"
   movlw        1                    Place a 1 in W
   addwf        counter, 1    Add W to COUNTER
                                           Place the result in

In the line "addwf   counter,1" the final "1" told the PIC to add the
results of the add into COUNTER
ie 5+1=6. Place the 6 in counter. W will still contain "1".

If the instruction had read "addwf  counter,0" then the result would
have been placed in W. W would now contain "6" and COUNTER will still
contain "5"

This is a real part of the PIC instruction - not just an assembler

       Russell McMahon

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