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Thread: Firmware question
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> now, the correct me if I'm wrong, but the firmware is the program in my
> programmer is it not?  I have been have some trouble in programming my
> pics lately I have MPLAB 3.12.  should I just upgrade the software, this
> may sound stupid since I have been programming pics for a couple of
> years but is there anyway to upgrade the firmware in my pic start plus?

Sure.  Buy a PIC 17C44 (if I recall correctly), program it
using the PICstart Plus, & swap the new CPU for the old one
inside the PICstart Plus.  I'd buy a windowed part as the
replacement unit.

Microchip uses OTP parts (at least they used to) in the
PICstart Plus, so you can't just erase and reuse the old
CPU inside it.
                                               Lee Jones


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