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Thread: Microchip Web Page annoyance!
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At 06:22 1998-10-26 +1000, Regards, Clyde wrote:
>On Sun, Oct 25, 1998 at 10:44:04AM -0800, Mark Willis wrote:
>>   When I jump to, for example,
>> http://www.microchip.com/0/Lit/PICmicro/16C6X/index.htm, my browser
>> takes "forever" to load the web page - and loads it twice during that
>> process, to boot.  {Happens with most similar pages, really.}
>I see something similar to you, except the second load is quite quick. The
>for it seems to be that the entire page is a big table (with embedded
tables) and
>even though all the GIFs on the page seem to have their sizes specified in
>the HTML, Netscape 4 reloads the table after all the images have been loaded,
>presumably in case the table needs resizing (it doesn't!). The fact the
>load is quite quick for me is because things are cached, but I would presume
>you have caching turned on in Netscape anyway. I do however go via a local
>proxy server, which is connected to my machine via 10baseT Ethernet, so
>maybe that's where the page is reloaded from.
>I do think it's a Netscape problem rather than anything else. The main
page itself
>is quite large (16K) but it should only need to be loaded once. Try
viewing the
>page with another browser, e.g. Opera.

Same here, but not that long times, although on an old 90MHz Pentium.
That migt be because I also have a local proxy and 56K modem on the same
And I too use Opera.  Opera works much faster than Netscape but there is
certainly something wrong with the Mchip wep pages, as Opera displays the
objects horizontal position slightly wrong.  I have not seen that on any
other web page.  That might be the reason Netscape redraws.
Opera redraws some, some not.

Neither Netscape nor Opera have had any problems on any other page I have
visited, so why Microchip?
< For thoose who have not found Opera yet: go to
http://www.operasoftware.com >  :)

I have mailed my opinion earlier to webmaster.

I have tested some pages with different HTML validators, and some say there
is no error, other say there is a lot of inconcistencies.  As teese pages
don«t work flawlessly with neither Netscape nor Opera, i believe theese
pages might be designed using a Micro$oft product   <G>

I deleted MS Internet Exploder long time ago.  It always crashed in a while.
Anyone tested theese pages with MSIE?

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