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Thread: Microchip Web Page annoyance! (Why)
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This is due to their extreme use of "very large" tables, and

For some reason browsers do not like tables this large (why it would
take a glorified document display program several dozen seconds
to format a document on a 100+ Mhz machine is beyond me; object
oriented coding perhaps? snicker).

You could always use Lynx.  It doesn't suffer from these kinds of
problems, and is a much faster browser as well (text only of
course).  Or Opera, which only takes 1.5 meg of memory (whereas
Netscape allocates about 15 megs, booting fresh).

Let's all complain to Microchip, we can tell them to get a site
like National's-- no silly marketting stuff on the front page and
a blantant link for engineers.

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