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Thread: Spontaneous reset
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Are you sure that WDT is off? It sure sounds like WDT with 1:128 prescaler.

The only other possibility internal to the PIC would be interrupts (on TMR0
overflow or on RB0 change). These are disabled unless you select otherwise.
Are you connecting MCLR to high? How are you powering the PIC?


At 08:32 PM 10/25/98 -0800, you wrote:
>I'm using a 16F84 with the WDT turned OFF.  I'm just running a very
>simple LCD test case but the PIC keeps resetting every roughly 2.5
>seconds.  The code completes in about 1.5 seconds and then goes into an
>endless loop (Loop      Goto    Loop).  Is there another timout that I
>read about?
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