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Thread: PC keyboards
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>Hmmm, I am one of those happy peoples who own the old HP 16C
>calculator. I am affraid that one day, this calculator will die.  AFAIK,
there is no equivalent >for this calculator today (with variable word
size, rotations, carry, shifts etc. etc.)


I have a Casio CM-100 computer math calculator that provides all of the
functions you mentioned.

It allows calculations in binary, octal, decimal and hex; and provides
for word sizes of 1, 4, 8, 16, and 32.  It provides the usual operators
of not, and, or, and xor.  In addition, it provides rotate, shift,
arithmetic shift, and signed arithmetic functions.

I've had this calculator for quite some time so I'm not sure if it's
still in production, but might be worth a look on the Casio webpage.

Kelly Kohls
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P. S.  An added bonus, it's solar powered!

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