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Thread: Identifying Bingo Balls
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Hi all,

I have received an email in spanish from someone in Spain who monitors the
piclist, but is usually unable to ask questions because of the language
barrier. So, once again, I have translated the message into english and
will translate any relevant replies back to spanish for him. He is Jose
Antonio Gracia.

Here is the translated text:

Piclist friends:

       In Spain, the game of bingo is legal and there are businesses which offe
it to people who want to play.
       I have a program for these businesses, which works in MSDOS, that plays
with all of the cards sold in the room, calculates the prizes to
distribute, and tells the person presiding over the game when there is a
winner (to avoid cheating).
       Now, I am looking for a way to identify the ball which gets extracted[fr
the randomized pot], which is shown on TV monitors (They are ping-pong balls).
       I had thought of two possible forms of identification:

       1. To mark the balls with colors and identify them. But this system rais
the price of the balls excessively,

       2. - To put a bar code on them. This has many possibilities, but bar cod
need a minimum size for the code which is very large for the available
space. Because of this, I was thinking of inventing my own code, since it
only needs 90 combinations.

       The question is:

       Has someone done something with PICs and bar codes and can he help me?

       I don't know how the scanner detects the bar code, nor whether it is
adaptable to a PIC, or I can position an LED with a phototransistor and
identify the code myself [without a premade scanner], provided that it can
be in any position, for which I will probably need three detectors.

Greetings, and thanks in advance,

Jose Antonio Gracia



I and Jose would greatly appreciate it if you would take a look at this. I
know its annoying to read a translated message (especially one as rougly
translated as this! Hey, I'm an engineering student, I take spanish, but
that is not a core course <G>) However, I get a fair number of such
translation requests from fellow PICers who only speak spanish.



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