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Thread: FORTH
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    For a lot of info on Forth go to:


    Getting up on a soap box now....

    FWIW, I know that Forth is still used in a number of embedded systems
    by a small (and diminishing) community.  I've always thought that if
    you can get over the learning curve, Forth offers things that other
    development systems (it's more than just a compiler) only aspire to:
    great interactive debugging capabilities, quick modelling,
    portability, quick hardware interfacing.  And more.

    There have been a couple of stabs at Forth for the PICmicros, but the
    architecture is one of the few micros that is quite Forth un-friendly.
    The next PICmicro architecture, the 18Cxxx, will have an addressable
    hardware stack, incrementing/decrementing pointers to program memory
    and file register space, linear file register space, and some other
    handy features that will make it easy to implement a very efficient
    Forth nucleus on-chip ('though that's not the reason the features

    Unfortunately, with the waning interest in Forth, there might be no
    one who's interested enough to do it.

    Darrel Johansen


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