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Thread: USB info
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    See the developers area of http://www.usb.org for all the specs.

    If you are attempting to interface a slave to USB using software
    bit-banging on the PIC, the simple answer is I don't beleive it is
    possible even on a Scenix 'PIC' - use an USB interface chip or a
    microcontroller with built-in USB slave interface.

    Email me with generally what you want to do, and I'll point you in the
    direction of relevant chips - I am aiming to put a full write-up and
    links to the full range of chips available for USB , on my web page
    soon (But 'soon' is currently an indefinate term :-)  )

    Steve Lawther


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I'm trying to implement USB (Universal Serial Bus) using a PIC. Has anybody
seen any info about this on the Net? (General protocol information is also
good for me. I have no previous experience with USB so I would love to find
a nice tutorial! :)

Thanks again.

P.D.: I want to thank Regulus Berdin for his invaluable help on
my "Porting code" message to the list.

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