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Thread: Sinking, sourcing, NPN, PNP sensors and switches
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Thanks to all that replied.
Using another pin to set high and read and then set low to read to
determine sink or source is a good idea, but I see some problems as you
don't know at that stage if the sensor is sensing or not, or if it is in

I try to stay away from any kind of switches as that is what confuse the
people that install it.

I've tinkered a bit with electronic workbench and came up with this:
As I want to use a 12C508 the pins already give me part of the solution. I
can use the Shmidt Trigger (sp) and do this:
             0 +5V
             < 10K
       2K    |     ||20nF
0------VVVV---0-----||----0 PIC Pin
             |     ||
             < 10K
             - 0V
This will then give a pulse every time there is a change in the state of
the sensor. I might also have to put in a diode from 0V to PIC Pin, to clip
neg. going pulses.
The only disadvantage of this is that with a source sensor the pulse occur
when it switches on and on a sink, the pulse occur when it switches off.
This might not be a problem in my application.


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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/sensors.htm?key=sensor
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