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Thread: Assembly Language Books
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Andy Kunz Responded to my comment:
>>being everywhere and being hailed as the ultimate authority on the PC (kind
>>of like Scott Adams).
>Hey, Mike, are you some kind of in-DUH-vidual or something to not like
>Scott Adams?

I didn't say I didn't like Scott Adams (in fact, I *really* like him); the
point was, him (and his roly-poly mouthless creations) are everywhere!

Just as a comment on the books that were suggested on the list yesterday;
they're all out of print.  I was kinda amazed by that, but you can't find
one of any of them new in a bookstore.

If that's the list this group can come up with, it's obvious that we've gone
on to smaller and better things.


Look at the accomplishments and people that made them happen over the past
1,000 years in "The LIFE Millennium".



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