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Thread: 230VAC->5Vdc without transformer
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Seth Fischer wrote:
> Is there a better or more efficient way of obtaining 5V d.c. with a
> small compact circuit?

Depends on the current you want.  ;-)  A PIC doesn't take much, but are
you driving anything with it?

I've never done it, but I've seen described a simple high voltage
capacitor, then a diode forward biased, then into a 5V2 zener with an
electrolytic capacitor across it.

                                     +5V          0V
                                      O           O
                                      |           |
                                      +----| |----+
  240VAC                              |           |
                | |                   |           |
    O-----------| |-----------|>|-----+----]<|----+-----O
                | |

active        high vcap       diode        zener       neutral

I'm not qualified to tell you how to do this safely.
Perhaps others can fill it in with component values and limits.

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