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Thread: Mist maker
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On Sat, 3 Oct 1998, Bob Cousins wrote:

> Quentin wrote:
> >The Boss and I were at the garden centre today where I saw a small mist
> >maker. It is a little electric device (size of an ice hockey puc) that sit
> >in the water and emits mist. Looks very much the same as when you put dry
> >ice in water.
> Does anyone know if these are available in the UK?

Have to be. They are used in houses heated with electricity to provide the
required humidity for reasonable conditions. Try to look at a catalog from
a heating/electrial appliance supplier. Although I understand that you
have enough natural mist there most of the time ;)

The video/show effect industry suppliers is another place to look at. Mist
generators are sometimes used to provide a 'screen' for laser light shows
over water.



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