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>The Boss and I were at the garden centre today where I saw a small mist
>maker. It is a little electric device (size of an ice hockey puc) that sit
>in the water and emits mist. Looks very much the same as when you put dry
>ice in water.
>How does this work? Can it be build?

I once redesigned a simple oscillator for a similar thing.
It was ti make mist of oil for a combustion heat generator.

That thing vas a piezo-ceramic driven mechanic disc resonator.
Piezo disc at the base, and on that a turned metal thing consisting of a
1.5cm disk 1mm thick, and a 2cm pipe 4mm diam, with a oil feeding hole of 1mm.

The piezo drove the pipw some micrometer oscillating axially, making the
disc edge resomnate at some micrometer more amplitude.

The oil flowed very thin on the surface of the disc from the center hole
out to the edge, and from the disc edge it got thorwn out radially like a
fine mist.

Probably this is something like it.
I think maybe the water can be fed to the disc capillary, so no pump is

A simpler solution is to use a high rpm motor to trotate a disc, but that
dont'give such fine mist.


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