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Thread: Mist maker
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On Sat, 3 Oct 1998, Quentin wrote:

> Hi
> The Boss and I were at the garden centre today where I saw a small mist
> maker. It is a little electric device (size of an ice hockey puc) that sit
> in the water and emits mist. Looks very much the same as when you put dry
> ice in water.
> How does this work? Can it be build?

It's got a piezo ceramic or magneto-strictive power ultrasound oscillator
in it that causes the effect. Very easy to make IF you have the power
transducer. This is not your average piezo disc. Also, if you happen to
work with power ultrasound take precautions, this is not good for your
body & eyes, also wear hearing protection.

I think there was a project about such a thing using a normal (large)
piezo disc and some garden variety components in an electronics magazine.
Try to search the web or dejanews for references on 'ultrasonic mist
generator' or 'humidifier'. I don't remember now if it was a cleaner or a
mist generator.



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