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Thread: Very low power comparators search
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The LTC1443/44/45 are quad comparators + reference in a 16pin DIP, that
only consumes total 8uA maximum over temp range.

Wonderful thing, perfect for my application.
(No, I don«t have enough power for a PIC and I need ref and comp for input
anyway, just to add R and C for timing functions, and resistor-diode logic) :)

I just don«t dare to use it yet as don«t know of any second source (other
manufacturer that make replacement)  This little thing i am to produce is
essential for my costomer and he will hang me if i cant produce; if there
is a strike/thunderstorm/earthquake/fire or other problem at Linear

Anybody know a similar product?
(I have searched Maxim, Analog D, and Texas I)

Thanks in advance
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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/power.htm?key=power
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