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Thread: how to compare number - (DS1624)
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if i read it correctly you want to know this.

if (17.0 <= x ) and ( x <= 19.6 ) then TRUE else FALSE

   movf    MSB,w
   sublw    .16        ; 16 - MSB = ?
   btfsc    status,c
   goto    return_false    ; MSB is 16 or less

   movf    MSB,w
   sublw    .19        ; 19 - MSB
   btfss    status,c
   goto    return_false    ; MSB it greater than 19
   btfss    status,z
   goto    return_true

   movf    LSB,w
   sublw    .6        ; 6 - LSB
   btfss    status,c
   goto    return_false
   goto    return_true

this code is not debugged (and assume it's buggy) but will give you an idea
of how to start.


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Subject (change) how to compare number - (DS1624)

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