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Thread: Porting code.
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I have to port source code from a Motorola MCU (68HC705K1)(16 pin, 8 i/o)
to a PIC
16F84 and I'm really lost (I'm not familiar with Mot. MCU's). Any thoughts,
help or point in the right direction is welcome.

Thank you very much!

P.D.: Source code is fairly short:

0300   BSET 1,000A
0302   LDA  #1
0304   STA  0004
       LDA #0FF
       STA  00E0
       BSET 0,0000
 030F  LDA  0000
       BIT #2
       BEQ  0323
       BIT #4
       BEQ  0328
       CPX #60
       BCS 0321
       STX 00E0
       BSET 0,0000
 0321  RSP
 0323  CLRX
       BSET 0,0000
 0328  INCX
       CPX 00E0
       BCS 0331
 032D  BSET 0,0000
 032F RSP
 0330  WAIT
 0331  LDA  0200,X
       STA  0000
 0338  RTI

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