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Thread: Latest Microchip info?
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    Actually we have received this message and have discussed it
    extensively among those of us that manage the web site.

    I have installed Opera, have connected to our site, and have seen
    exactly the problem you have described.  The message sent to us
    indicated that the user had contacted Opera Software and that Opera
    had reviewed our site.  Apparently Opera feels our HTML code comments
    are nonstandard, but this is not the case.  Furthermore, the code
    passes compatibility tests on two separate verification systems.

    We'll keep digging into it and try to fix it.  I kind of liked the
    Opera browser myself, once I tried it.

    Apologies for not responding to your message. We receive hundreds a
    week and cannot possibly answer them all. Instead, we strive to fix
    the problems reported and respond when something more than that is

    As to your last concern, the webmaster is, in fact, alive and well.


    Dan Matthews and Dave Friedel

    P.S. If you like, feel free to pass this along to any others that
    shared this concern.

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Subject: Re: Latest Microchip info?
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Date:    9/30/98 7:51 AM

I have already twice attempted to let the webmaster know that no
pages below the home page are viewable with the Opera browser
due to a HTML incompatibility with their comments. I didn't even
get a reply back and the web pages still don't work. I am not sure
that they even have a webmaster, who ever designed the web
pages is probably long gone, making modifications and updating
very difficult.

> Hmmm, maybe I should send this to the webmaster.
> Quentin
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From: Dan Matthews at MCHIP_SMM
Date: 9/30/98 11:47PM
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Subject: Re: Latest Microchip info?


See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devices.htm?key=microchip
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