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Thread: pc clock and movement detection
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On Tue, 29 Sep 1998, Andre Abelian wrote:

> Hi to all engineers.

I ain't one ;(.

> 1. I am wondering what will happen if I disable my pc clock.
>     is it still going to work.

If by clock you mean the clock tick, the answer is yes, but bad things
will happen with the disks and the real time clock (in the BIOS). If you
mean the CPU clock, you will at least lose all data in RAM. AMD CPUs are
known for zero-clock capability among others, if you have an all-SRAM PC
clone. Otherwise you need to reboot every time.

> 2. I need to detect movement on video camera. the reason I need
> this because I am working on a project that has motion sensor.
> I am thinking if this is possible use it with out motion sensor.
> basically all I need is if the picture  changed turn led on.
> any help will appreciate.

If the video camera feeds image to the PC and works all the time then this
is trivial. An easy method is to frame the middle third of the picture,
perform color reduction and gray level reduction to get rid of noise, and
hash the resulting array for every frame (to avoid having to store it).
Then just compare the hash from frame N and N+1. If it is not == then it
has moved ;)

You can also do almost the same thing using analog methods on the video
signal but this requires some knowledge of analog S&H, TV timing, and
3-band Fourier on the TV signal to get reasonable results. If you can have
the PC on all the time, it can be done in software only. You can even
track the target ;)



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