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Subject: serial in
Author:  "MARK D NEWPORT" [SMTP:spamBeGonejmnewpspamspamBeGoneWORLDNET.ATT.NET] at IMS
Date:    9/30/98 11:50 PM

I'm trying to build a little serial backpack for an LCD screen (16x1)
and am already using the external interupt for the busy flag.  anyway I
was wondering if anyone had any code for a serial in routine that used
timing delay loops.  I would like to keep my standard 4MHz crystal
instead of that wacky 3.6838 or whatever that one is.   Do the delays
have to be accurate when coming into the pic?  I have a serial out
routine that uses these loops and is slightly off, but still works with
my computer.  thanks



See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/serials.htm?key=serial
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