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Thread: 2 different I2C addresses with PIC
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At 02:11 01.10.98 -0400, you wrote:
>> >Hi all,
>> >
>> >Have anyone tried to receive I2C data with two different I2C
>> >addresses ?
>> Yes, me,
>> actually with four PICs, all in slave mode. No problem at all. A PowerPC is
>> working in master mode.
>> So long
>> Thomas
>> =8-)
>Actually, I meant receiving (or sending) data with one slave mode
>PIC, which have two different I2C addresses.... Both addresses should
>be available all the time.


impossible if you're using the already implemented I2C-Hardware. If you like
to write your own slave code it shouldn't be any problem to check the
incoming adress for two different values.

So long



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