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Thread: PIC controlling PWM
BY : Norayr S. Elmayan email (remove spam text)

Dear Engineers:

I have been testing the PWM module inside the pic & the period accuracy is
not more than 8 bits (PR2).  For the range I am working in 1500 HZ to 3500
hz, each step increment for the frequency generated by the PIC is 35 to 50
HZ  on the high side.  Crystal=4 Mhz

When you plug the numbers in excel worksheet we notice that period starts
pretty linear & then sharply increases & becomes non linear.  My
application is being very critical on frequencies close to 3 khz range &
sudden jumps is not acceptable.  (A/D controls the period while duty cycle
is constant)

What is your experience?  Suggestion, can we get a hold of a digitally
controlled (10 bit period) PWM resolution IC, who has it & what is the
internet address for me to check out the datasheets.  I think I will get
use a 10 bit resolution PIC A/D & interface to such 10 bit PWM IC.

Thank you


<7718968A12D5.AAC4C09@luna.cyberia.net.lb> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/ios.htm?key=pwm
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