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Thread: Ignition System with a PIC.
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Which type of engine are you talking about? I assume 4 stroke with spark
type ignition, right? Most other types do not require an active ignition
system, the fuel is volatile enough to explode under the pressure and
temperature conditions which occur in a hot cylinder head(these engines use
glow plugs, which are just heating elements which are only used to start
the engine). Sorry, off hand I don't have any page to give you information.
But, I can give you some manufacturer names and I'm sure other piclisters
will have more info:

O.S. (really major manufactuer)
Zenoah (They specialze in Ignition engines)
Cheetah (also make many ignition engines)
U.S. Engines

I'm not sure of URLs for any of these, though, and I'm even more unsure of
which may have useful info on igntion systems.

Good luck,


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