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Thread: Internet acces and control with PICs
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Brian Boles wrote:

> For applications like remote control of your house, the ISP's need to
> have a server model that can connect on command to another thin server
> in a remote location.  I.E.  You login to the internet, you ask for
> http://www.myhouse.com, and the ISP system makes a phone call to myhouse and
> connects my EMIT enabled system.  Otherwise you have to have the
> webcam type connection where the remote server is continually
> connected and uploading to the ISP.

 We are still *struggling* with the concept of a telephone line, and
for that matter, an ISP.  A related concept is making a "telephone call"
and "paying by the call".  Until these disappear, to be subsumed by a
communications utility as must indeed happen (but when?), it will be

 The future of the "telephone line" is (and I«m sure this is nothing
really novel to this list) a digital line multiplexed at a packet level
at the exchange.  Routine low-priority traffic *must* be included in the
subscription, but a modest toll will be payable for medium- and high-
priority traffic (latency and bitrate) which might well include
telephone calls.  For the latter, there will still be alternatives with
compression trade-offs like present Internet Phone.

 A house will be laced with multiplexers (hubs) and twisted pairs,
extras sold at R-S just as they now are.  Such an accessory could be an
interface box with isolation (though the main house hub would provide
that) and suitable spill-out connectors (e.g. watering system, light
switches, I-R interface etc.).  "Phantom" 50V power like a conventional
telephone would be a useful aspect.

 Hmmm.  It«ll come, but how painful will its gestation be?
       Paul B.


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