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Thread: 5V low dropout regulator???
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I use the LM2936 because it also has a VERY low quiescent current. It
doesn't provide 100ma - in fact I use two in parallel in one design
because it was the best choice when the design was implemented
several years ago. Measurement of typical quiescent currents showed
them to be much better than the data books worst case. Perhaps there
is now a better choice. If anyone can suggest a very low dropout very
low quiescent design that also does 100ma I also would like to know.
A discrete component regulator using 4 transistors (or 3 if the main
pass element is a darlington) will better any commercial design (3
years ago :-)) in terms of quiescent current, dropout and pass
current but the higher parts count may make it unacceptable.


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From: Aaron Hickman <spamBeGonehickmaab@spam@spamDUNX1.OCS.DREXEL.EDU>
>        Can anyone suggest a 5V regulator with low quiescent current
>able to supply at least 100mA of current?  There are so many to
>from, so I thought some of you might have a favorite I could start

>Aaron Hickman

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