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Thread: HOW TO UNSUBSCRIBE TO THIS LIST [admin; suggest change]
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> Onderwerp: Re: HOW TO UNSUBSCRIBE TO THIS LIST [admin; suggest change]
> Datum: zaterdag 27 juni 1998 2:11
> Caisson wrote:
> > How many times do you ('you' ment as 'the piclist-group')
> > subscribe/unsubscribe to this list anyway ?
> Frequency of task is irrelevant.  Frequency of questions asking how is
> relevant.

Frequency of question can be irritating. Absense of information is
relevant. (it's not the same person asking the same question over and over

> > So please, don't be rude to people who aren't on the list already or
> > mostly _not_ on purpose, discarded their welcoming message.
> Me?  I don't think I was rude.  I'll check.  I guess you mean 'all'.

As explicitily said above : ('you' ment as 'the piclist-group').

Think about this : You are a newling somewhere and you ask some of the
other people (who are already the for some time) where you can take a
leak.You don't get any answer.  Would you think that is rude ?   Would you
think it is rude to get an answer like 'the guys before you asked the same
question, I don't like to tell you (again)' ?

> Alternative suggestion; I'm on several distribution lists, and I see the
> best practices and the worst.  Add a one or two line trailer to the
> messages either pointing to a page explaining how to unsubscribe, or
> just the instructions.  Don't use a header line "X-Unsubscribe:" because
> most people don't seem to know how to check message headers.

Maybe a un/subscription should be done by way of the subject-line ?  Or
maybe a un/subscription message could be send to anyone who sends a message
with less than a few (maybe 2) lines ?

> Where would I find data for 2SK2175 MOSFET?  Is it logic level?

Can't answer that one :-)

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Subject (change) HOW TO UNSUBSCRIBE TO THIS LIST [admin; suggest change]

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