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Thread: HOW TO UNSUBSCRIBE TO THIS LIST [admin; suggest change]
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> Onderwerp: Re: HOW TO UNSUBSCRIBE TO THIS LIST [admin; suggest change]
> Datum: vrijdag 26 juni 1998 1:33
> Timothy D. Gray wrote:
> > Note : this is sent to everyone upon subscribing.
> Yes.  And I suggest that the command confirmation message that is sent
> out before this message be adjusted so that people have to read and
> understand how to unsubscribe before they find the instructions on how
> to confirm their subscription.
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How many times do you ('you' ment as 'the piclist-group')
subscribe/unsubscribe to this list anyway ?  I have done one of those two
once, some months ago.  I can't remember for my life what I send & where,
if my life depended on it.  So I saved my Welcoming message for later use.
But what of those people who want to join this list. Where can they get the
information about how to do that.  Only by word of mouth ....  So please,
don't be rude to people who aren't on the list already or have, mostly
_not_ on purpose, discarded their welcoming message.

 Rudy Wieser

<199806261112.NAA11899@degas.telebyte.nl> 7bit

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Subject (change) HOW TO UNSUBSCRIBE TO THIS LIST [admin; suggest change]

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