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Thread: Sender ID
face BY : Paul BRITTON email (remove spam text)

There has been some traffic on the list recently (and previously) about
being able to determine who posted a message, here's what I did......

Send a message to 'KILLspamLISTSERVSTOPspamspam.....mitvma.mit.edu', with no title, in the body of
the message put 'SET PICLIST DUAL'...this will make all Piclist messages
have 5 lines at the top that contain subject and senders name......you
can't use ReplyTo: to send a personal email back, but you can cut and
paste from the message, even if they don't use a signature line.

For other LISTSERV commands send to 'TakeThisOuTLISTSERVspamspam.....mitvma.mit.edu', a message
saying 'INFO REFCARD', I won't include the response here, because some
already know, and others don't care!



See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=sender
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